2004 Annual Meeting

2004, 23rd Annual Meeting

President: Ken Moise

Venue: Charleston, SC, USA.
Charleston Place Hotel

Dates: 14th March – 17th March

About the Logo:
The logo represents the state flag of South Carolina – the colony where Ken Moise’ first ancestor landed on American soil. The crescent in the left upper corner was the primary motif of the first state flag designed by Colonel William Moultrie in the American Revolutionary War. The crescent was derived from the symbol on the hats worn by the South Carolina troops at Fort Johnson. These troops succesfully defended the fort from the British in 1776 primarly due to the palmetto trees that lined the sand walls of the fort which absorbed the cannon balls. In their honor, the palmetto tree was later added to the official state flag. The fetus is nestled in the crescent much like in its mother’s womb.

Group Photo: