1999 Annual Meeting

1999, 18th Annual Meeting

Presidents: Cary Bannister & Ross Welch

Venue: Carlisle, Cumbria, England.
Post House Hotel

Dates: 19th May – 23rd May

About the Logo:
The logo was with deepest apologies to L.S. Lowry! The two ladies were borrowed from his famous 1945 painting, “VE Day”. Lowry’s famous matchstick people were seen in his views of Manchester and Salford where Carys Bannister and Sarah Russell (Radiologist, who completed the triad creating the meeting) lived and worked.

The ladies were photoshopped with loving irreverence to represent and always remind Ross of the two people without whom the meeting would never have come together. It also reminded members of the City of Manchester where Carys worked for most of her career.

Group Photo: