How to become and remain a member

Membership can only be initially obtained by attendance at an annual meeting of the society. Failure to attend two of three (2/3) consecutive Annual Meetings will result in the Member’s name and address being removed from all mailing lists.  Exceptions will be made in extraordinary circumstances by application to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Members who cannot attend the next annual meeting may maintain their membership (not including subscription to Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy) by payment of minimal annual dues (see drop down menu above for PayPal payments and address for cheques). Failure to attend two of three annual meetings will however result in a forfeiture of membership. As explained in the membership criteria, members not attending a meeting are expected to continue their subscription of Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy during their absence.

To submit an inquiry about your membership through this site, click here. An IFMSS administrator will contact you on your registered email address.