2015 Annual Meeting

2015, 34th Annual Meeting

President: Jan Deprest

Venue: Hersonissos, Crete, Greece
Creta Maris Beach Resort

Dates: 19th June – 23rd June

About the Logo:
This year’s logo was designed by Wouter Vergote, from KPOT Design (Wijgmaal, Belgium). It refers to our patient, the tools of the modern fetal surgeon, yet also discretely to the organizing country (Belgium), as well as the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

Group Photo:

Lifetime Achievement Awards:

At this meeting the Society made only the second, third and fourth ever Lifetime Achievement Medal awards. The First was awarded to Mike Harrison at the Sedona meeting.

On this occassion two additional members, both present at the first meeting in 1982, Bill Clewell and Kevin Pringle, together with Mark Evans who first attended in 1983 were awarded Society medals in recognition of their outstanding achievements for the IFMSS. Their citations are downloadable below.

Their pictures are below (courtesy François Luks).