1982: 1st Annual Meeting

Organised by Mike Harrison with input from Maria Michejda, Charles Rodeck and Bill Clewell. Charlotte Catz was the NIH Person who provided some liaison and I suspect some funding. (You might want to check some of those details with both Mike {who may well have some interesting memory lapses} and Bill Clewell.)

President: There wasn’t a President, as such, but Mike more or less chaired the meeting.

The participants were all individually invited, and the small number was due to the fact that the meeting was held at the Kroc Foundation Ranch, and there was room for only 30 participants with almost everyone sharing a room.

If you look at some of the Participants listed, some of them included Mike’s Fellows.


Richard Berkowitz, Tim Canty, Charlotte Catz, Peter Callen, William Clewell, Alfred de Lorimier, Richard Depp, Michael Edwards, Roy Filly, John Fletcher, Frederic Frigaletto, Walter Garey, William Garrett, Mitchell Golbus, Michael Harrison, Albert Jonsen, Michael Johnson, Robert Krock, William Liley, Morris Mahoney, Frank Manning, Paul Meier, Maria Michejda, Donald Nakayama, Lewis Nelson, John Newkirk, Kevin Pringle, Charles Rodeck, Mark Rosen, Joseph Schulman.

The important things to emerge from this conference were an agreement to meet the following year, a Position Statement on invasive fetal therapy {Harrison, MR et al. Fetal treatment 1982: Consensus statement from Kroc Foundation Symposium. New England Journal of Medicine 307:1651-1652 (1982)}, and the setting up of an international Fetal Treatment Registry.

1983: 2nd Annual Meeting

Held at Aspen, Colorado. Organised by Bill Clewell. Results of the Registry were reported. It was very apparent that the guidelines that had been set at the first meeting and had been reported in the New England Journal article, were being largely ignored. However, note that in these early meetings there was a strong representation from Ethicists such as John Fletcher and (I think) Al Johnson. It was at this meeting that the Society was actually formed and named. (I must admit that I was the one who insisted on the title of “International Fetal Medicine & Surgery Society.) There was also agreement that, in general, the meeting would be held outside of America every second year, although it was acknowledged that the first few meetings would need to be held in the USA, in order to provide time for other people to start to organize the meeting. It was at this meeting that the concept that the site of the meeting would cross an ocean every year was developed. To a very real extent, I drove that concept. I was extremely concerned that if we were not careful, then the organization would be dominated by the North Americans, just by virtue of the numbers that would be able to attend. This has been borne out by the fact that the European Meetings always have a much greater European attendance.

It was also at this meeting that it was decided that the most important job for the President was to organize the next meeting.

President: I guess that you would have to say Bill Clewell.

1984: 3rd Annual Meeting

Washington, DC. This was largely organized by Maria Michejda, although Joseph Schulman was recorded as being the first President (as defined by the criteria above). This meeting delivered an extremely important lesson:- don’t hold the meeting at a site where there are lots of distractions! A lot of the attendees spent most of the meeting visiting the sights around Washington DC.

President: Joseph Schulman

1985: 4th Annual Meeting

Brisk discussions about the reliability of various animal models for Neural Tube Defects. Discussions about Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and other Heart & Lung problems. Clear evidence from the Registry data that the guidelines that had been thrashed out at Santa Inez for the treatment of Hydrocephalus & hydronephrosis were largely being ignored by those involved in fetal intervention. The incredible discussions we had about the use of anencephalic fetuses as organ donors and the ethics and practical realities of fetal reductions.

President: Frank Manning

YearConference details
19821st Annual Meeting, USA
President: Mike Harrison
19832nd Annual Meeting, USA
President: Bill Clewell
19843nd Annual Meeting, USA
President: Joseph Schulman and Maria Michejda
19854th Annual Meeting, USA
President: Frank Manning
19865th Annual Meeting, England
President: Charles Rodeck
19886th Annual Meeting, USA
President: Mark Evans
19887th Annual Meeting, Germany
President: Manfred Hansmann
19891989 8th Annual Meeting, USA
President: Mike Harrision
19901990 9th Annual Meeting, New Zealand
President: Kevin Pringle
19911991 10th Annual Meeting, USA
President: Bill Clewell
19921992 11th Annual Meeting, France
President: Yves Dumez
19931993 12th Annual Meeting, Canada
Presidents: Doug Wilson and Duncan F. Farquharson
199413th Annual Meeting, Belgium
President: Camille VandenBerghe
199514th Annual Meeting, USA
President: Frank Chervenak
199615th Annual Meeting, Italy
Present: Umberto Nicolini
199716th Annual Meeting, USA
Presidents: Mark Johnson and Mark Evans
199817th Annual Meeting, Australia
President: Brian Trudinger
199918th Annual Meeting, England
Presidents: Ross Welch and Bannister
200019th Annual Meeting, USA
President: Scott Adzick
200120th Annual Meeting, South Africa
President: Nick Fisk
200221st Annual Meeting, Canada
President: Jean-Martin Laberge
200322nd Annual Meeting, Switerzland
President: Wolfgang Holzgreve
200423rd Annual Meeting, USA
President: Ken Moise
200524th Annual Meeting, Denmark
President: Connie Jorgenson
200625th Annual Meeting, USA
President: Mike Harrison
200726th Annual Meeting, Aruba
President: Humphrey Kanhai
200827th Annual Meeting, Greece
President: Nikolaos Papadopulous
200928th Annual Meeting, Brazil
Presidents: Ricardo Barini and Eduardo Isfer
201029th Annual Meeting, Japan
President: Toshio Chiba
201130th Annual Meeting, USA
President: Timothy Crobleholme
201231st Annual Meeting, New Zealand
President: Kevin Pringle
201332nd Annual Meeting, Israel
Presidents: Schlomo Lipitz and Zvi Appelman
201433rd Annual Meeting, USA.
President: François Luks
201534th Annual Meeting, Greece
President: Jan Deprest
201635th Annual Meeting, Botswana
Presidents: Oluyinka and Olutoyin Olutoye
201736th Annual Meeting, USA
President: Alan Flake and Karin Blakemore
201837th Annual Meeting, Indonesia
President: Mahesh Choolani

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